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L2K Korea Is a company located in . If you have any needs, please contact Ms.Dana Noh, MobilePhone: , Phone: , Fax: . In addition, you can try to contact L2K Korea by the fixed contact, Address: 43Block-3Lot, Namdong Industrial Complex, #630-7, Namchon-Dong, Namdong-Gu ZipCode: . Warmly welcome to contact us, to discuss cooperation!

L2K Korea info:

We, L2K Korea the prospective companies in Korea that develops, manufactures, exports to worldwide and supply high quality Video door phone systems for APT, Bulidings and Villas, Home automation digital network, CCTV Cameras and DVR. {}

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L2K Korea Products:

Single Screw Extruder
Single Screw Extruder plastic extruderFor profile extrusionModelDiameter Length-diameterRatioTransmission powerScrew speedMax. outputmachiningHeight of centermmL/DKWrpmkg/hmmJWS454525/2811/15/18.510-10025/30/38PVC/ABS/PC,e...
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