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Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. Is a company located in Chongqing,Chongqing,China. If you have any needs, please contact Ms.Lucky Lan, MobilePhone: , Phone: , Fax: . In addition, you can try to contact Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. by the fixed contact, Address: Shiyuan Industrial Park, Zhongliang Town, Shapingba Dsitrict, Chongqing, China. ZipCode: 315137. Warmly welcome to contact us, to discuss cooperation!

Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. info:

Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chemical equipments in China. The company was founded in 1987, and all productions are carried out strictly according to the ISO9001: 2000 Quality System to ensure the good quality of the products. Besides, we also have got SGS certificate, and CE certificate.

We are the pioneer among domestic enterprises to use single reciprocating screw-rod extruders in powder coating industry. The powder coatings producing equipments are widely used by many world famous powder coatings manufacturers, such as Akzo Noble Changcheng Coating (Ningbo, Beijing, Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Taiwan Hi-Lyte Enterprise Co., Ltd., Sherwin-Williams(Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xiesheng Powder Coating Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengyu Coating Technology Co., Ltd. etc... Until now, all equipments they using are working well.

Ningbo Hybers Industrial Co., Ltd is our international trade branch.

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Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd. Products:

Single Screw Extruder (PCS70-11D)
Single Screw Extruder (PCS70-11D) To satisfy customers' growing requirements on powder coating production, Degold developed the enhanced version PCS--11D extruders, which are with stronger and higher effective during process of extrud...
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